10 rules of beauty

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The efficacy of a cream is at its maximum during its absorption, 2 or 3 hours after the application the effect starts and lasts for at least 12 hours.


The secret is to produce a “cumulative” effect by applying specific creams morning and evening that correspond to the needs of our skin.

10 golden rules to keep the skin young and fresh:

  1.  Inform yourself by reading the label of the product you’re buying and/or ask expert advice. It’s not always the most expensive beauty products that are the best for your skin.
  2. To stop smoking is a key move for beauty, since smoking appreciably ages the skin, making it drier, and traces vertical winkles around the lips called “barcode”, at the same time accentuating those around the eyes. The Americans call it “smoker face”.
  3. Cosmetics left unused for more than six months should be eliminated. Even if the expiry date gives 12 months more, germs and bacteria, which we ourselves put in with our fingers, proliferate in the creams.
  4. Facial cleansing is necessary twice a day: in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Especially in the evening it’s necessary to cleanse accurately to remove enviromental dirt and traces of make up.
  5. Every morning apply a moisturizing cream which has an added benefit such as the anti-wrinkle feature, and every evening, after washing your face well, apply a more nourishing cream, massaging it in gently.
  6. To optimise skin hydration, it’s ideal to drink almost 2 lt of water a day, roughly 8 glasses of water with a low mineral content or slightly mineralized, slightly diuretic and not too fizzy.
  7. The muscles of the face should be mantained and stimulated with the gymnastics of “making faces” — a trendy and effective method.
  8. Don’t go too far with your exposure to the sun and always use a high-protection suncream, avoiding fast tanning and excessive use of sunlamps.
  9. It’s important to give yourself at least 7 hours sleep in order to keep your skin relaxed.
  10. It’s forbidden to squeeze pimples or backheads — the skin tends to become infected and ugly marks can remain. If the situation isn’t manageable with good cleansers, ask a dermatologist’s advice.


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