Combination skin

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Skin may not always be defined as a normal or oily or dry. Often in the face there are opaque areas close to oily or dry areas close to other more normal. Areas such as forehead, nose and chin, with major sebaceous secretion, have a more or less oily secretion depending on the individual and his age.


Combination skin of the face is the most common type of skin in which there are two different looking areas, one more oily the other more dry. It is recognized by gently pressing a tissue on the face: light halos will indicate the parties characterized by a large number of sebaceous glands such as the forehead, nose and chin. This area known as “T-zone” tends to become shiny during the day and often has some light impurities, such as blacks points (blackheads) and large pores. In contrast the area of the cheeks, face and eye contour appears normal or dehydrated with a tendency to dryness. To treat combination skin should reconcile efficiency and sensitivity, active and delicate formulas at the same time will not affect his mild hydro-lipid film.

Cleanse morning and evening using a detergent specifically designed for sensitive and delicate skin, non-comedogenic and preferably flushable. Too aggressive soaps or detergents are not indicated, especially in the mot dry and dehydrated areas, which tend to give the sensation of pulling skin. Gently pat dry your face thoroughly. Moisturise daily with a special cream that respects the delicate hydro-lipid film and returns the “calibrated” amount of water and lipids in order to maintain its prosperity.


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