Swelling, tiredness and heaviness in the legs

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A disorder that affects 50% of women aged 18 to 60 years in Italy. The most common causes and the most often symptoms.

This disorder is determined by the accumulation of fluid in the tissues, often linked to deficit more or less important in the microcirculation and is exacerbated by unhealthy lifestyle habits such as poor physical activity, obesity, smoking, poor diet, as well as excessive heat and working conditions or practices that require to stand or sit for long periods. It is known that muscle activity also facilitates the blood circulation.


It affects 50% of women, and is related to their typical behavior or even transient conditions such as premenstrual period, pregnancy, constipation, cellulite, taking birth control pills, constrictive clothing and high heels.

Tired legs, heavy and sore, over time, tend to be marked by unsightly blemishes and tend to lose all their charm.

The most often symptoms

Easy leg fatigue and nagging soreness

Feeling of heaviness and swelling of the ankles

Rough skin, easy to scaling and dehydrated

Discomfort to the summer heat and to overheated rooms

Fleeting sensations of tingling, itching, night cramps in the calf

Veins or capillaries that over time are highlighted in color and turgidity, creating unsightly blemishes

If you do not implement a proper lifestyle and proper treatments, the disorder may become chronic



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